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How to fix Windows cannot open this type of file (.exe)


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So how to fix this?
You get this error, when u download some bad checker which has virus in it.

Step 1: Download Malwarebytes and scan your VPS, delete all threats, then restart
Step 2: After booting back up, scan 2 more times, then restart again
Step 3: Click the Search icon on bottom left, type cmd, right click it and run as administrator.
Step 4: When CMD opens, type regedit in it.
Step 5: Here select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT then look for exefile .
Step 6: Click shell, open, command, and then find (Default) file.
Step 7: Right click it and click Modify.
Step 8: The Value in it should look something like this:
Step 9: Press CTRL+A, delete everything. And then paste this text in it:
Step 10: Now it should look something like this: , click OK
Step 11: Close regedit
Step 12: Press CTRL+R, type %temp% in it, and delete the entire folder
Step 13: Go to C:\Windows and delete (or .exe) it is fake. If needed, kill it thru task manager.
Step 14: Restart
Problem fixed. Enjoy cracking bois! <3
Note: If it happens again, just repeat the steps above
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