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Brute RACK SUPERCELL Brute / Checker | SUPERCELL Checker



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RACK SUPERCELL Brute / Checker | SUPERCELL Checker
------------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------

Bad - Garbage / Invalid
Goods - List of valid accounts
NotFoundMessage - Received a message from SUPERCELL
LimitsMails - SUPERCELL Limit Mail - Recheck in 24 hours.
NotHaveSuperCell - Empty mails without SUPERCELL.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

Loaded rows - Number of rows from the loaded Base.
Proxy Downloaded - The number of Proxies loaded.
Accounts Found - Fully valid accounts.
Invalid mails - Mail that is not valid or without imap / pop3.
The message did not come - The message with the SUPERCELL code did not come to the mail
. Authorization error - The checker received the code, but could not authorize.
Without SuperCell - Mail without SUPERCELL accounts.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

Support for all kinds of proxies is available.
The checker is not picky about the proxy.
Checks mail with the Imap / Pop3 protocol
Number of maximum streams for a check: 500.
Checking 3 games at once for
Brawl Stars information | Clash Royal | Clash Of Clans

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